Yamaha Zuma Scooter Parts
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16x13 Roller Weights
$ 4 95
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Throttle Tube for Scooters
$ 37 99
Alloy Drive Face for 125cc Yamaha Scooters
$ 23 99
Displaying 1-68 of 68 Items
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Yamaha Zuma Parts
The popular Yamaha Zuma street legal motor scooter scooter has been one of Yamaha's biggest 2-wheel success stories. The Zuma 50 and 125 have been some of their very best selling models for years. Monster Scooter Parts offers a full list of replacement NCY parts and accessories for these wonderful machines. If it's a pair of batteries that your Zuma needs, or a charger, or a tire, CDI module, ignition coil, or any other part, then you have come to the right place.

The Yamaha Zuma series is actually two scooters; the unrivalled 50cc and the equally magnificent 125cc version. Both powerplants are of the GY6 series, and many Yamaha Zuma parts for one version will be common to both. Look through our list of NCY parts and select just what you need.

Note: The superlative Yamaha Zuma 50 scooter is a shop favorite here at Monster Scooter Parts. As a global leader in the scooter parts industry, we can have our pick of just about any scooter on the market. We chose the unrivalled Yamaha Zuma 50 to be our in-house scooter. We are a scooter parts company, and that is as good of a quality recommendation as can be asked for.