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Honda Helix (CN250) Scooter Parts
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Brake Pads for Honda Helix (CN250) 1986-1987
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Monster Scooter Parts offers OEM and aftermarket Honda Helix CN250 parts. Called the Helix in North America, and the Fusion in most of the rest of the world, the CN250 uses a popular a 250cc engine size. Honda Helix (or Fusion) parts remain largely unchanged over the long production run of this great scooter. We offer the complete catalog of Honda Helix scooter parts, and are constantly adding exciting new parts & accessories.

The debut of the Honda Helix in 1986 marked a dramatic departure in style from the typical scooter of the day. The long, motorcycle like wheelbase provided a smooth, comfortable ride while allowing the rider to extend their legs for full comfort. Many Helix parts were derived from its 250cc predecessor, the short lived Honda Elite 250.

We offer Honda Helix parts sourced directly as OEM parts from Honda. Additionally, we have affordable, high quality, Honda Helix scooter parts that are "clones" of the Helix (typically known as CN250 clones) . The Helix/Fusion is very popular in Asia, and great success typically brings about copycats. Helix parts are of no exception. Honda Helix parts have been cloned into several Chinese models, with the best known model the CFMoto CF250, CF250T-R, or just simply the CFMoto Fashion.

It should be noted that not all cloned Helix parts are compatible with all model years of this great Honda scooter. Cloned Honda Helix parts generally fit the model of the early Honda Helix years of 1986 and 1987. Check the part description, specifications, and image prior to ordering to ensure proper fit and function.

Need Honda Helix scooter parts that are not listed on the model page? We can special order all available factory parts direct from Honda. Give us a call or fill out our contact form for more information on availability and cost of special order Helix parts.

Tires size for the Honda Helix 250 are 110/100-12 front, and 120/90-10 rear.