Trailers for Mobility Scooters
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Trailer for Mobility Scooters
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Most scooter accessories are made to enhance either the rider's comfort or convenience. Many mobility scooter users will benefit by using a handy scooter trailer to carry loads that are too large for a basket. Any handy cargo trailer for scooters and power chairs listed below will increase your mobility machine's utility, and let you get the most from an active and mobile life. Whether hauling groceries, books from the library, or a bag of potting soil around the garden, a good scooter trailer is a valuable addition to your list of must-have scooter accessories.

Monster Scooter Parts is proud to carry the largest and widest range of convenient mobility scooter accessories available. A great cargo trailer for scooters is just another example of why Monster Scooter Parts is your source for the best mobility parts and accessories.