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  • Bells & Horns for Mobility Scooters
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    Displaying 1-26 of 26 Items
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    What? Bicycle bells and squeaky horns on MY mobility scooter!

    Well why not?

    Few things celebrate the joy of life quite like the ring-a-ding-ding or the honk-honk of a traditional handlebar mounted bell or squeeze-bulb horn. And that goes for adults as well as our pediatric customers.

    One of the more interesting coincidences of the scooter world is that the tiller on a mobility scooter is the same 7/8" diameter as found on a bicycle's handlebar, or an electric recreational scooter, or even a kid's kick scooter. The metal tube that hold the grips is the same size. So perhaps it is time to dress up that scooter with a little bit of whimsical and jocular fancy.

    On a (slightly) more serious note, there is the undeniable safety benefit in having a bell or horn mounted on your scooter. The OEM electronic horn has it's place of course, but there is still nothing like these delightful novelty bike ringers and honkers.