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  • Battery Testers
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    Displaying 1-2 of 2 Items
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    Monster Scooter Parts offers our customers several high-quality devices to test their scooter or power chair batteries. There are two main types of testers available; the battery tester, and the load tester.

    The familiar battery or charge tester measures the amount of charge currently stored in the battery. A typical battery tester may be used to test many types of batteries; from low volt "button cells" used in small electronic devices like hearing aids and cameras, to the larger size rechargeable batteries used on scooters and motorcycles. A low reading usually means that the battery needs recharging (if applicable).

    The load tester measures the relative health of the battery by reading the voltage output with a resistance load applied similar to that of a running vehicle's motor. A low reading on a fully charged battery usually means that the battery needs replacement.