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    Front Basket Assembly for Pride Shuttle
    $ 89 99
    Front Basket Assembly for Pride Sundancer
    $ 44 99
    Oval Basket for Pride Mobility Scooters
    $ 38 99
    Basket for the Go-Go Go Chair
    $ 16 99
    Front Wire Basket for Shoprider GolfRider
    $ 61 99
    Industrial Basket for the Amigo PowerShopper
    $ 132 99
    Displaying 1-76 of 76 Items
    1 - 1
    A new mobility scooter basket is often the first accessory people mount to dress up their scooter. Baskets allow you to store your extra cargo when you are on the go, and are great for carrying your bags, jackets, groceries, and more.

    Monster Scooter Parts offers aftermarket universal baskets that will fit just about any scooter around, as well as brand and model-specific OEM baskets for a perfect fit. Styles include the rounded, the square, and even unique baskets for particular scooter and power chair models.

    Note that we have replacement baskets that mount on your pre-existing hardware, as well as complete basket assemblies with the mounting hardware bracket and screws included.

    Do you need a basket liner to hold all your stuff from falling out? Basket liners are both decorative and functional accessories. Click here to go to our Basket Liners page.