Pride Celebrity X (SC400/SC4001/SC440/SC4401) Parts
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Mirror Clamp for Pride Mobility Scooters
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Throttle Lever for Pride Celebrity (SC400)
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The Pride Celebrity X (SC400/SC4001/SC440/SC4401) line of mid-sized scooters offered performance technology, convenient standard features and affordable pricing, making it the best over-all scooter value in its class. The popular Pride Celebrity X mobility scooter was recently discontinued, but replacement parts and accessories are no problem at Monster Scooter Parts. We offer the widest selection of parts to help you keep your Celebrity X scooter running its very best.

We have the batteries, chargers, electronics, motors, tires, wheel assemblies, accessories, and so much more for your Celebrity X. Let Monster Scooter Parts be your source for Celebrity X parts.

SC400/SC4001 = Pride Celebrity X 3-Wheel Scooter
SC440/SC4401 = Pride Celebrity X 4-Wheel Scooter

During its production run, the Celebrity X went from using gray 10"x3" tires to a black-tired wheel assembly. Note that these gray and black tires and rims are not the same size. You must use either all gray tires or all black.

We recommend a 24 volt 5.0 - 8.0 amp offboard charger for this model. Choose a 5.0 amp replacement charger to maintain original equipment performance or upgrade to an 8.0 amp charger for faster charging time.

In addition, the Celebrity X was rebranded by Pride as the Mega Motion Endeavor X. Other than the name, the Pride Celebrity X and the Mega Motion Endeavor X are the same models and use the same parts.