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Invacare Lynx L-3 Parts
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Displaying 1-23 of 23 Items
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Invacare calls their Lynx L-3 a "Micro-Portable scooter." Whatever you choose to call it, Monster Scooter Parts has the replacement parts you need. Although the overall design of the Lynx L-3 has not changed much over the years, it did receive a new, redesigned seat assembly beginning in 2009. Besides the seating components, most other parts have remained unchanged.

Serial Numbers - Your serial number is typically located on the frame of your scooter or power chair and will not be located on any electronic components. You may have to remove your batteries or shroud to locate your serial number. Your serial number will resemble one of the following numbers: 02A12345 or 02BM123456 where the first two characters designate the year the product was made and the third character designates the month it was manufactured (A=January, B=February, etc.).