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5 Amp ATC Blade Fuse
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Basket Bracket for Go-Go Scooters
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The Go-Go Ultra X has undergone a facelift in recent years, changing from gray mobility tires to a new black molded tire design and from a wire basket to a new black plastic front basket. Whether you have an older style Go-Go Ultra X with gray tires or a new redesigned model, Monster Scooter Parts has the replacement scooter parts you need.

Both the old and new version of the Go-Go Ultra X were available in a 3-wheel (SC40X) or 4-wheel (SC44X) configuration:

SC40X = Go-Go Ultra X 3-Wheel Scooter
SC44X = Go-Go Ultra X 4-Wheel Scooter

Monster Scooter Parts is committed to providing our customers the very best batteries, battery boxes, or any other parts and accessories for your Go-Go Ultra X mobility scooter.