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  • Golden Compass (GP600) Parts
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    Long the standard Golden power chair model, the Golden Technologies Compass (GP600SS/GP600CC/SP601SS/GP601CC/GP600M) center-drive power chair has now been discontinued in preference to their Compass HD and Compass Sport models. As a tribute to their quality of build and robust dependability, thousands of the original Compass power chairs are still offering their owners truly sterling service.

    To keep your Compass (and you) mobile, Monster Scooter Parts is able to bring you factory original and compatible Compass parts and accessories. We have superb 12 volt U1 batteries, as well as 12 volt 22NF battery upgrades. In addition, a 24 volt, 5 amp offboard charger is recommended.

    Golden Compass (GP600) Owners note: The original Compass power chair used an A-series joystick controller that is no longer in production and is now unavailable. If you purchase the 4-key Shark (DK-REMD01) - MBC-DYNSJ1 as a replacement, you will also need the 60 Amp DK-PMB60 Dynamic Shark Power Module (Controller), as well as a Dynamic Shark Bus Cable.