Diestco Manufacturing Corporation is the premier manufacturer of wheelchair and mobility scooter accessories in the United States. As their slogan "Making life easier for people who use scooters, wheelchairs, and walkers" reflects similar values here at Monster Scooter Parts, we are honored to be an authorized dealer for this fine brand of scooter and wheelchair accessories.

What makes Diestco products stand out is their innovative use of simple concepts. The bulk of Diestco's scooter and wheelchair accessories are constructed of strong denier nylon fabric that easily mounts with familiar hook & loop straps. This results in durable, well made, adaptable, and affordable wheelchair, power chair, and scooter accessories that enhance the life quality of the user.

With this simple philosophy in mind, Monster Scooter Parts features a wide range of useful Diestco items. From armrest and seatback mounted bags, to weatherproof covers, to some of the most innovative cup holders to be found, the Diestco products listed below represent some of the finest scooter and wheelchair accessories available.