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Minimoto Sport Racer 18 Volt to 24 Volt Conversion Kit
Item: X98-0698
Minimoto Sport Racer 18 Volt to 24 Volt Conversion Kit
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$ 94 99
Save up to $20 with codes:
GOLD - $20 off orders $100+
SILVER - $10 off orders $50+
BRONZE - $5 off orders $25+
No longer available.
Product Features
This Minimoto Sport Racer 24 volt conversion kit is not available at this time. We recommend the 24 Volt 0.5 Amp 2.1mm ID Coaxial Battery Charger for Pulse Scooters as a substitute for the discontinued charger.

Convert your Minimoto Sport Racer from 18 volts to 24 volts with this 24 volt conversion kit. Consider this 24 volt conversion kit when your 18 volt controller is no longer functioning.

This kit comes complete with everything necessary to keep your Minimoto Sport Racer on the road using a 24 volt battery pack, battery charger, and controller. Kit also comes with battery wiring harnesses and instructions.

24 Volt Battery Pack
Part Number: X99-0667
Set of two 12 volt 5 amp hour batteries. This battery pack will come with wiring and connectors needed to wire in series for a 24 volt battery pack. Note that this battery pack will be approximately 1/4" taller than your OEM 18 volt battery.

24 Volt Battery Charger
Part Number: R37-4190
24 volt 1.0 amp hour coaxial connector battery charger. This charger has the identical connector as the OEM 18 volt charger. Connector replacement on your Sport Racer will not be needed.

24 Volt 150 Watt Universal Speed & Voltage Controller
Part Number: Z09-1693
This 24 volt controller delivers 150 watts of power output needed by the OEM 150 watt Sport Racer 18 volt motor. Connect to your existing electric pocket bike's wiring. Detailed connector descriptions can be found on the item page at the link below:

Connector Specifications for the 24 Volt 150 Watt Universal Speed & Voltage Controller

NOTE: Your 18 volt electric motor will not need to be replaced. Application of 24 volts to the 18 volt motor will result in negligible additional heating and negligible reduction of motor life.
Voltage: 12 volts each
Style: AGM
Amp Hour: 5 Ah
Weight: 4.5 lbs. each
24 Volt Battery Pack Dimensions (L x W x H):
5.5" x 3.50" x 4.21"
OEM 18 Volt Battery Dimensions (L x W x H):
5.95" x 4.08" x 3.94"

Input: AC 80-240V, 50/60 Hz
Output: 24 VDC, 1.0A max
Polarity: Inside = Positive, Outside = Negative
5.5mm outside diameter
2.1mm inside diameter

Voltage: 24 Volts
Power: 150 Watts