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    Are you still looking for an affordable kick scooter tire or two? Well you've found the right place here at Monster Scooter Parts. There's no more need to pay the prices charged by the specialty high-end kick scooter parts shop for that replacement mountain scooter tire set. When you buy from Monster Scooter Parts and know you're getting an excellent tire at a great price.

    Monster Scooter Parts has been in the business for years, since before the concept of a mountain kick scooter was ever thought of. We watched the kick scooter parts scene change from the little 4" cast urethane wheels for kids' toys to the street tread and knobby tread kick scooter tire designs so popular today. Suffice it to say that we sell a lot of tires for a multitude of different recreational and off-road applications. Over the years we began to notice that the 12" rubber for an electric scooter might be the same 12" tire for a fold-up electric bike, and again the same for a top-quality mountain scooter tire. This crossover concept is very well understood by the scooter makers as it saves them money, so why shouldn't the consumer share in the saving?

    Long story short, Monster Scooter Parts is your go-to source for the best, robust, tried & true kick scooter parts and accessories at the very best prices around.