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    Sonica Bike & Scooter Helmet
    $ 39 99
    Adult-Size V11 Aggressive Helmet
    $ 23 99
    Kids' Animal Head Bike & Scooter Helmet
    $ 29 99
    Displaying 1-44 of 44 Items
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    A kick scooter helmet is a must-have scooter accessory. A properly fitting scooter helmet is just as essential for kick scooterists as they are for bicyclists and skateboarders. Even without a motor, a kick scooter is still a vehicle used on hard concrete streets and sidewalks. Scooter helmets help to minimize the relative dangers of head injuries.

    Monster Scooter Parts offers a good selection of scooter helmets to fit even the youngest scooterist. Our kid and youth-size helmets are available in a variety of styles and colors to suit any taste. It should be noted that most bike helmets are just as functional as the "urban-style" helmets marketed to skateboarders. It ends up being a matter of personal style and fashion.

    Monster Scooter Parts is serious about our customers' safety and well being, and the scooter helmets we sell meet stringent CPSC as well as other safety testing standards. We want to be your go-to source for a new kick scooter helmet or any other parts and accessories.

    And don't forget that a scooter helmet should be paired with a set of elbow and knee guards.