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CDI Modules (Ignitors) for Go-Karts
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Displaying 1-6 of 6 Items
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Our go-kart CDI modules are compatible with various versions of the ubiquitous 50cc-150cc GY6/QMB139 4-stroke scooter engines, as well as 50cc-150cc Chinese made Honda-style 4-stroke scooter engines. Note that a CDI module for go-kart use is essentially the same as found on modern 4-stroke motor scooter; a GY6 engine is a GY6 engine, whether it turns two wheels or four. Sometimes called a go-kart ignitor, the go-kart CDI is a a great invention, especially when compared to the earlier coil ignition system. But even the best CDI can and will eventually wear out through use.

Please compare your go-kart CDI module with the items listed below. Read the Specs tab data and study the connectors shown in the pictures on each item page carefully prior to ordering. A CDI module for go-kart use is a drop-in replacement but you need to be sure of what you kart or buggy takes.