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  • Razor Pocket Mod (Versions 13-44) HB2430-TYD6-FS 6-Wire Throttle & Control Module Bundle
    Item: X98-0747
    Razor: W13113430164
    Razor Pocket Mod (Versions 13-44) HB2430-TYD6-FS 6-Wire Throttle & Control Module Bundle
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    Product Features
  • Save money
  • Controller & throttle combo pack
  • Simple installation
  • Razor Pocket Mod (Versions 13-44)
  • Warranty: 30 Days
  • Description
  • Compatible with versions 13-44 of the Razor Pocket Mod.
  • The Razor Pocket Mod is also known by several additional model names including Bella, Betty, Bistro, Blossom, Chrissy, Daisy, Hannah Montana, Kiki, Sweet Pea, Vapor, and others.
  • Includes HB2430-TYD6-FS controller and 6-wire variable speed twist grip throttle.
  • Retrofits Pocket Mod versions 13-44 with discontinued control modules by replacing both the control module and throttle together.
  • Replaces discontinued control modules 201C6-3A, HB2430TYD-FS, CT-201C-3, CT-201K8, and HB2430DYD-FS-ROHS.
  • By replacing both the controller and throttle together with this bundle you are ensured a perfect retrofit for your version 13-44 Razor Pocket Mod.
  • Because the original control module used on versions 13-44 of the Razor Pocket Mod has been discontinued by Razor and is no longer available it cannot be purchased individually without the bundled throttle.
  • Converts versions 13-44 of the Razor Pocket Mod from a single speed throttle to a variable speed throttle.

  • Need installation instructions? Click the following link:

    Razor Pocket Mod Control Module Installation Instructions

    The wiring diagrams for this part can be found at the following links:

  • Razor Pocket Mod Wiring Diagram (Versions 13-16)
  • Razor Pocket Mod Wiring Diagram (Versions 17-20)
  • Razor Pocket Mod Wiring Diagram (Versions 21-35)
  • Razor Pocket Mod Wiring Diagram (Versions 36-44)

  • Note: Model versions can be determined based on the product ID code. The Pocket Mod 19-digit ID can be located on the rectangular white sticker inside the seat compartment, on the battery cover, on the underside of the frame, or on the original battery charger. The 7th and 8th numbers in your product ID code are the version number of your Razor product (e.g. "01" = Version 1, "02" = Version 2, "09" = Version 9, etc.).

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