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Chain Breakers & Tools
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Displaying 1-4 of 4 Items
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The chain breaker is one of the most essential tool for the cyclist who wants to have their bike chain at the proper length. Loose, sloppy fitting bike chains will wear out faster, make a lot more unnecessary noise, and can even be dangerous to the rider.

The commonly used term "chain breaker" is something of a misnomer. Perhaps a better phrase would be "chain pin pusher" as it describes the process more accurately. To use one of these handy chain tools, the link is placed in the slot, the lever is rotated, the screw is turned, and the chain's pin is pushed from the linkage. You can completely remove the pin, or leave it partially in place. Then you can use the tool to push the pin back into place completing the adjustment or repair.

Monster Scooter Parts offers several of these bike chain tools to assist you in adjusting your bike chains to their optimal length.