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  • Cable Hangers for Bikes
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    Front Cable Hanger
    $ 9 99
    Black Cable Hanger
    $ 6 99
    Silver Cable Hanger
    $ 2 99
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    Think about this; if it wasn't for the humble bike cable hanger, your bike might be a mess of duct-tape and twist-ties. Of all bike parts, these simple bike cable retainers are the real unsung heroes of the system. What else does so much to support your health & safety by keeping the wire cables out of your way and safe from snags?

    Monster Scooter Parts, (always your best source for bike parts and accessories), offers the replacement bike cable hanger you need at a price that won't break your bank account. In addition, your favorite ride will always look better with the bike cable secured by something better than plastic wire ties and duct-tape.