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Chain for Bikes
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Displaying 1-12 of 12 Items
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A broken bike chain means an unrideable bike. Bike chains are some of the most frequently replaced bike parts, and we sell a lot of them. Using a bike chain breaker, you can adjust the number of links on your bike's chain as necessary. Bike chains are sold in pre-cut lengths, and the savvy cyclist will usually select a size longer than needed and tailor the length to their bike's specifications.

Bike Chain (1/2" Pitch)
Instead of their ANSI number, bike chains are most often referred to by the roller width; most commonly 1/8" or 3/32" size. The pitch is always 1/2".

1/8" chain is most often used on bicycles with coaster brakes such as single speed cruisers and BMX bikes.

3/32" Chain is found on most bikes that use derailleurs such as road bikes, racers, and mountain bikes.

Note: We also carry a number of chain breaker tools to assist you in you bike repair. Just click here to go to our chain breaker tool page.

All chain counts include both outer AND inner link plates! For example, a 96-link chain includes 48 outer and 48 inner links (plates). Technically this would have formerly been called a 48-link, 96-pin chain. However most current usage, as well as many manufacturers, now refer to this as 96-link.