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Tire, Tube, & Wheel Accessories for Bikes
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Inner Tube Valve Extender
$ 4 99
Scooter & Bike Tire Lever
$ 0 99
Inner Tube Patch & Repair Kit
$ 3 99
Price Reduced
Reflective SpokeBeads
$ 9 99
SpokeBeads Rainbow Kit
$ 3 99
Displaying 1-8 of 8 Items
1 - 1
Monster Scooter Parts offers a wide array of electric bicycle accessories and other electric bike parts, including these bicycle wheel accessories that will keep you rolling along. Our spoke lights and vavle cap lights are a good way to get noticed, and that is certainly a safety enhancement. Unlike most electric bike parts, these electric bicycle accessories just pop on and off as you will. Plus, they are available in different colors to suit your style and mood.

We also offer a few bicycle wheel accessories to help you maintain your tubes; valve caps, extensions, and the ubiquitous tire lever... also known as a "tire spoon" for making short work of replacing your tubes and tires.