90mm Rear Band Brake Assembly for Currie Scooters
Item: U63-7045
Currie Technologies: AS-910
90mm Rear Band Brake Assembly for Currie Scooters
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Note: Color may be black or chrome, depending up current inventory from Currie. Functionality remains the same.

Here is the correct replacement 90mm rear band brake assembly for Currie scooters like the eZip 500, GT-500, IZIP I-500, Mongoose M500, Schwinn S500 electric scooters, and many others. And that's just the 500 series!

This high quality band brake assembly was used on so many Currie-made electric scooters that it has to be one of the most time-tested products in all scooterdom. Please see the Compatibility tab for a more complete list.

This riveted band brake has an 90mm inner diameter, and a 3-1/2" rotor outside diameter.
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from Robert L9/6/17