50cc Long Case 2-Stroke 1PE40QMB Minarelli Yamaha Jog Style Engine for Baccio Scooters
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50cc Long Case 2-Stroke 1PE40QMB Minarelli Yamaha Jog Style Engine for Baccio Scooters
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No longer available.
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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available. We do not currently offer a compatible replacement.

The 50cc long case 2-Stroke 1PE40QMB Minarelli Yamaha Jog style scooter engine is a high quality replacement engine that will fit on many popular scooter models. The Minarelli design is highly rated by many scooter enthusiasts for its excellent 2-stroke, power to weight ratio, and it first achieved its renown when Yamaha chose it to power the Jog scooters.

Our 1E40QMB 50cc long case 2-stroke engine is the original factory OEM unit for the Baccio DLX scooter, and bears the Baccio name on its black housing. Unlike some generic Chinese-made scooter models, Baccio scooters are known for their high quality and dependability. This great little engine will also work on any scooter that uses the long case, air-cooled, Yamaha Jog, Minarelli-style engine.

This is the long case model, and is configured for use with drum brakes only. The output shaft measures 60mm, and the shaft to mount hanger distance is a full 14-3/4" across. A short case engine uses a 58mm shaft, and a shaft to mount hanger distance of 11-3/4". At this time, Monster Scooter Parts does not offer a short case Minarelli-style engine.

There are several different versions of 1E40QMB engines used in the scooter market. Please be sure to check the detailed specifications and dimensions on our specifications page (tab titled "Specs") prior to ordering.

Please use these dimensions to verify that this engine will fit your scooter prior to ordering!

It is Monster Scooter Parts company policy that all engine sales are final. Our entire return policy can be viewed at the link below:

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Style: Long case
Engine type: Single Cylinder 2-Stroke
Cooling: Air Cooled
Displacement: 49cc
Output shaft length: 80 mm
Shaft to mount distance: 14-3/4"
Bore & Stroke: 39.2 mm X 40 mm
Max Power: 4.97 HP@ 500 rpm
Max Torque: 4.8 N-m/7000 rpm
Min Unload Stable Rotation (rpm): 1600 rpm +/- 100 rpm
Ignition: Electronic (CDI)
Transmission: Automatic (CVT)
Spark plug: NGH C7HSA