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  • 48 Volt 1200 Watt Universal Speed & Voltage Controller
    Item: Z09-1674
    48 Volt 1200 Watt Universal Speed & Voltage Controller
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    Product Features
  • Warranty: 30 Days
  • Description
    48 Volt 1200 Watt voltage/speed controller for electric scooters, bikes, go karts, and mopeds. Eight connectors: motor, battery, indicator, to put, power locks, charge, brake, and brake signal.

    This controller comes with the most common wiring connections found on electric scooters. However, depending on your make and model, you may need to cut and splice a few but not all of the wires.

    Compatible with most 48 Volt products equipped with 600-1200 Watt motors.

    Voltage: 48 Volts
    Current: 25 Amps maximum

    Known Compatibility: Most makes and models requiring 48V 1200W (or less) controllers!

    Controller connections as follows:

    Battery Connector (Black & Red Wires, Thick)
    Battery wiring. Black to Black, Red to Red.

    Motor Connector (Blue & Yellow Wires, Thick)
    Motor wiring. Blue (controller) to Blue (existing wiring), White (controller) to Yellow/White/Brown (existing wiring).

    Indicator Connector (Black and Red Wires, Thin)
    Battery charger connector. Black to Black, Red to Red.

    To Put Connector (Red, Black, & Blue Wires, Thin)
    Hand throttle connector, 3-wire. Plug your 3-wire hand throttle wires into the three prongs on this connector. Your product's throttle wiring may be included in an existing 6 pin connector on your wiring harness. Black to Black, Red to Red, Blue to the third wire on your hand throttle (Blue or Green or other).

    Power Locks Connector (Blue & Red Wires, Thin)
    Key switch connector. Connect to your product’s “lock” connector, or hard wire to your key switch wiring. Wire color connection not critical, but Blue to Blue, Red to Red if they match.

    Brake Connector (Black & Yellow Wires, Thin)
    Brake connector. Your product's brake wires may be included in an existing 6 pin connector on your wiring harness. Black to Black/Red and Yellow to Yellow.

    Brake Signal Connector (Yellow & Red Wires, Thin)
    Brake light connector. Yellow to Yellow/Black, Red to Red.

    Note: All scooter controllers require a switch, (joined to the "Lock" connector on the controller wires), in order to complete the electrical circuit.
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