4 Key 50 Amp VSI Joystick Controller with Flying Leads
Item: X98-0702
Pride Mobility: ELEASMB4246, ELEASMB4663, ELEASMB5042, ELEASMB4546
4 Key 50 Amp VSI Joystick Controller with Flying Leads
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Product Features
  • Warranty: 30 Days
  • Description
    4 key 50 amp VSI joystick controller with flying lead connectors. This joystick assembly is compatible with many different scooter models. Please check the compatibility tab for a full listing of known compatible models.

    The following functions are available to this VSI joystick controller:
    • Joystick Control
      The joystick is used to control the direction and speed of the power chair.
    • Actuator Adjustment
      The user can control positioning of power accessory actuators with the VSI.
    • Drive Profile Selection
      The user can select from available drive profiles, if programmed.
    • Speed Adjustment
      The user can increase or decrease the maximum speed of the power chair, if programmed.
    • Sleep Mode
      This feature is designed to preserve battery charge, and can be disabled through programming.
    • Thermal Rollback
      This is a safety feature designed to prevent the power chair from overheating and causing damage to the motors or controller.
    Pride Mobility Part Numbers:
    Non-Programmable - ELEASMB4246
    Jazzy 610 Program - ELEASMB4663
    Jazzy 600, Jazzy 1143, Jazzy Z11, Jet 3 Ultra Programs - ELEASMB5042
    MWD Glide Motor Program - ELEASMB4546
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